The Foundation


The Malta Judo Foundation was set up on the 4th of January 2006, under the patronage of Fra Andrew Bertie, with the  following aims and guiding principles:

to establish this Foundation to promote sport, physical health, fitness and well being in general and the sport of Judo in particular in Malta and worldwide;

  • to provide broad based sports training in a personalized manner aiming at the development of the human person as a whole;
  • to encourage the implementation of modern systems of sports training and this through the use of modern technology;
  • to recognise also that training and preparation are essential to meaningful participation in sport and are an indispensable element of any sport discipline.

The Malta Judo Foundation set up the Sports Science Institute in order to compliment the above principles and in Memory of its founding Patron Andrew Bertie and named it the Andrew Bertie Sports Science Institute.


Founding Members

Fra Andrew Bertie (Patron)

Envic Galea

Joseph Caruana

Alexander Bezzina

Mario Cardona

Godfrey Bezzina

Chris Busuttil

Domnic Saywell

Joe Abela

John Zammit

Louisa Galea